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My Feeli’n Writing This site!!!

My feeli’n in this team

Yup Today I just Change my team . Actually is fun to write This blog but it’s making me tired

“i’m to tired!!!”

but i must do my best for this site to get many likes. My mission is to get 50 likes in 2 months.

you know its really hard to get likes i even try to make it as interesting as i can but i did not get any likes. even the total views that i have from 3 sites is 54 views. i should try and try my best to get many like and views and actually i have another feeling


yes and that feelin is serious!!!!!!! because i need to write 300 words in one site and that thing makes me crazy its not normal to write 300 words because i usually write 120 words in one site. just for info im still p5 the same as my teammates they were p5 too. you know emoticon is to show your feelin to other people with images and emoticon is really cool because it can show your feelin to other people. this wrtiting makes me crazy sorry for repeating my word because i get more crazy each time i write


my felling today is always laughing because I always make joke

because i make a joke to my friennd that work hard inm this site. yes and who cares about it because i really like to make a joke and makes my friend CRAZY ! ! =) you know why do i like to make a joke yup because im a joker wait not a joker im a joke maker because of it i like to make a joke. joke making is really fun because i would make my friend gets crazy and that thing makes me laugh like a crazy cow in the farmyard




keep trying is one good strategies

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